Lytham Anonymous Players





Production Details

268th Production - Dangerous Corner by J.B. Priestley


Presented at Lowther Pavilion - 9 to 12 August 2017.

Directed by Heather Cartmell.





The action takes place in a cosy living room, after dinner.

The elegant ladies, Freda, Olwen, Betty and novelist Miss Mockeridge have just listened to a radio play - “The Sleeping Dog” as their successful menfolk, Robert, Stanton and Gordon rejoin them.

Routine conversation turns into accusations, confessions and betrayals all on the twist of an ill considered remark about a musical cigarette box. Each of the characters are forced to wake their own sleeping lies and dark and dangerous secrets, revolving around the recent untimely death of the mysterious Martin Caplan. How will it all end ? 

As one confession leads to another it is clear than behind the mask of 1930’s upper class wealthy respectability lies a world of reckless hedonism.












Ian Edmundson



Ann Slack



Andy Cooke



Andrea Cave



Kieran O’Dougherty



Emily Cartmell


Miss Mockeridge

Lesley Jarvis








  Stage Crew


Stage Manager

Chris Jones


ASM / Sound

Sophie Cartmell



Camilla Woolner