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Production Details

256th Production - A Pack of Lies by Hugh Whitemore


Presented at Lowther Pavilion - 13 to 16 February 2013.

Directed by Jeff Redfern.





It is 1961, the middle of the Cold War, a time of unease and suspicion. An ordinary family in an ordinary London suburb find themselves becoming g friends with the convivial Canadian couple opposite.

However, the pleasant lives of Bob, Barbara and Julie Jackson, Whitemore’s fictional family, are disrupted by the arrival of a stranger claiming to be from MI5 and their home becomes a surveillance post. The objects of the surveillance are Helen and Peter Kroger, their friends whose movements cannot always be accounted for. Layers of treachery and deception unfold and it becomes difficult to be sure who is betraying whom at any one time as real life takes over from fiction. Peter and Helen Kroger were convicted of spying for the Russians and convicted to 20 years’ imprisonment. It could be argued that the problems of the Jackson family continue for much longer.







Barbara Jackson

Kirsten Burnett


Bob Jackson

Stewart Yeadon


Julie Jackson

Ariane Hazeldine


Helen Kroger

Bernadette Scully


Peter Kroger

Tim Cave


Mr Stewart

David Parry



Louise Davies



Nichola Johnson








  Stage Crew


Stage Manager

Chris Jones



Michael Ward


Set Construction

Michael Ward and team



Camilla Woolner and Sarah Hiles


Set Construction

Lytham Amateur Operatic Society